Art Auction Photos

In 2014, Erin Theatre hosted a Silent Auction offering pieces of original artwork used in their production, The Art of Believing by Susanna Lamy. Each piece was created in the style of a different late 19th or 20th century master. All proceeds were donated to East Wellington Community Services.

Madame O at St. Moritz

Painted by local artist, Susanna Lamy, in the school of Tamara de Lempika, this bold and festive portrait of a local Madame in Paris was created in the style of Polish Art Deco with influences of Cubism. Lempicka, born to a wealthy Russian family in 1898 was known for her bohemian style.
 Acrylics, 18 ½” x 26 ½”

La Femme et Bouteille de Vin

This work was also painted by Jayne Reid in the school of famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, who was considered a radical. He co-created the Cubism movement. A notorious womanizer, the model was one of his many mistresses- Marie Therese
Acrylics 24” x 30”

Jayne Reid is a self -taught artist living in Waterdown. Working primarily in charcoal or oil, she has enjoyed exploring acrylics to mimic the style of Cezanne and Picasso.

Dance of the Nymphs

In the school of Gustav Klimt, Susanna Lamy painted this striking tapestry of golden hues, reminiscent of Klimt’s “Golden Phase”. Klimt was Austrian Symbolist painter (1866 -1918). Acrylics 34 ½” x 45”

Susanna Lamy studied illustration at Sheridan College. She is a full time artist, specializing in murals, custom paintings and illustration. Susanna has taken her work throughout Ontario, the United States , Italy and as far as Russia!

The Village

Also painted by Susanna Lamy in the school of Marc Chagall, best known for his synthesis of French Modernism with Symbolism, Cubism and Fauvism is this village with overlapping dreamlike images. Acrylics 35 ½” x 27 “

Still Life with Pears

Composed by artist Jayne Reid in the school of French artist, Paul Cezanne, who was born in 1839 and remembered for bridging the gap between post Impressionism and early Cubism.
Acrylics 24 ½” x 18 ¼ “

Concretion Humane Sans Tete

Melissa Staples created this piece in the style of Jean Arp. This sculpture emulates the biomorphic pieces created by the artist in wood and metal.
Wire, papier mache clay and Gesso 18” x 14” x 10

Lily Pond

Painted by Melissa Staples in the style of Claude Monet – the Founder of the French Impressionistic movement- who sought to capture the essence of nature using strong colours. Born in 1840, Monet composed a series of more than 250 paintings of water lilies. Acrylics 26 ¼ “ x 19 ¾ “

Local artist, Melissa Staples, went to Sheridan College for Art. Both an artist and professional gardener, Melissa gets her inspiration from the beautiful hills in Erin. Melissa enjoys painting landscapes in acrylics.

Composition X and Y

Richard composed this work in the school of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist (b. 1872), known for his use of vertical/horizontal black lines and three primary colours. Mondrian was an important contributor to the De Stijl art movement.
Acrylics 39” x 27”

Richard Day is the husband of one of Erin Theatre’s leading actresses. He is a longstanding and generous volunteer who enjoyed the project.


Depicted in the school of Norwegian Edvard Munch (b. 1863), this piece captures the dark side of life. Munch is best known for the iconic The Scream. Pastels 27 ½” x 19 ½”

Barb McKee is an actress/volunteer with Erin Theatre and definitely not an artist.

Enroute to Arles

This piece was painted by artist Rhonda Hewitson in the school of Vincent Van Gogh using strong colours and dramatic strokes. Acrylics 24 x 18

Rhonda Hewitson is a self-taught painter and graphic designer. She is a professional Marketing
Co-ordinator who also enjoys photography.

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